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III International Congress for Young Researchers in Middle Ages

          12, 13 and 14 November 2020


Theme: DEATH


  1 – Picturing Death: material and visual representations

  2 – Narrating Death: historical and literary representations

  3 – Ritualizing Death: from lay practices to official liturgy

  4 – Beyond Death: spectres, ghosts and the undead

  5 – Avoiding Death: medical thought and practices before death

  6 – Forseeing Death: last wills, final demands and eschatology

  7 – Remains of Death: bones, graves and graveyards

  8 – The Cult of Death: relics and holy bodies

  9 – Profiting from Death: markets and business

  10 – Death and Law: to kill and to be killed

  11 – Measuring Death: demographic and territorial analysis

  12 – Researching Death: methodology and multidisciplinar approaches

The call for papers is now open!

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